Friday, November 21, 2008

Exerpt from interview with author Paulo Coelho

Your latest book, Eleven Minutes, wants to bring sexuality and spirituality to a healthier place. How can this happen?

Well, by accepting that sex is a physical manifestation of God, and that it is not a sin - it is a blessing. And then by understanding that except for two things that I consider to be really sick - rape and pedophilia- you are free to be creative. It's up to you, how you do this.
Sex was always surrounded by taboos, and I don't see it necessarily as a manifestation of evil. I think that sexuality is first and foremost the way that God chooses for us to be here on earth, to enjoy this energy of love in the physical plane.

How do you feel about this perception of sexuality?

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Anonymous said...

I like it, i want to read the book. I wish people would realize what this guy is saying and put it into action.