Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok, so, to anyone reading this blog, you are one of the first people who have "found" us. we are currently working on getting our blog up and running, and it has a long way to go. thanks for reading.

our group, Basics, is just kicking off the ground and we have a lot of cool stuff planned. Coming up on January 3rd, we will have a benefit concert at Rhino's Youth Center (see their link in the "resources" list), with some awesome bands and probably some free stuff. There will be tables set up (Planned Parenthood, Middle Way House etc.) and people to talk to... come to hear the music, support the cause, and maybe even ask some questions while you're there.

BUT, this show isn't the only thing we are doing, also in the making:

screen printed tee-shirts and posters, the Basics' logo (in case you haven't noticed, we dont have one yet), an artistic mini-film of a date-rape story (the film will actually be used in classrooms but we don't want it to be hokey and stupid, so we will be putting a lot of work into it), and lastly, an art show that will probably happen sometime next semester... maybe spring break!

If anyone is in the bloomington/surrounding county area would like to help with any of these projects, (or has a suggestion of their own!), Basics would love your input... please feel free to contact us by any means nessesary.... thanks!

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